Tuk in business

With high-speed free wifi and our private parking facilities, Tuk aan de Vliet is a perfect place to conduct business.

Whether you’re looking for an out of the box - yet cosy -meeting place, hosting a group meeting or just need a place to stay for an assignment far away from home, we’d love to welcome you.

Need to look crisp? We have a washing machine, an iron + ironing board ready for you.

Expats stay with Tuk

If you need to spend over a month in our area, we calculate short stay prices. Send us an e-mail specifying your requirements and we’ll come up with a fitting offer. Tuk aan de Vliet is at a 20 minute drive from Schiphol Airport.

Party hardy with Tuk
You’re turning 50. Or 5, 10 or 80. Or there’s another great reason for you to throw a party: give us a call or send an e-mail. We don’t do aggregates in the yard, neither are we an official party venue. But we love to hear what you’ve dreamt up. We’ll see what we can come up with.

Easter bonanza

We love to go overboard when it comes to Easter. How many eggs can you hide in a frontyard + backyard + in-between-yard + mini-wood + vegetable garden?

Believe us: never enough. The fanatic egg hunters (aged 5-15) explode in all directions only to return each and every one of them in no time.