Bulbs, millions of bulbs at Keukenhof 2023

bollen, keukenhof, tulpen, lente, lisse

No fewer than 7 million bulbs went into the ground at Keukenhof in December 2022. And no matter how spoiled we are in the Netherlands by the colorful bulb fields that we train innocently past every spring, the joy is twice as much at Keukenhof park. Not only do the most diverse varieties bloom there, they are also manicured and pampered to the millimeter.

The park opens in spring only. In 2023:

  • Thursday March 23rd until
  • Sunday May 14th
  • from 8.00 in the morning - 7.30 in the evening.

In short, it's over before you know it. A good reason to order your tickets now.

You can order them directly, at theĀ Keukenhof website..