A Beasty B&B

The protagonist at Tuk aan de Vliet is - of course - our Tuk: six pounds of feline testosteron, the fright of the yard. But there are more. Peer & Joost, our princess-like pigs, for example. Although they lie in their bed most of the day Talk to the hand('Rain? Talk to the hand!'), they can be put into action with a) sunlight b) a strawberry or fresh bunch of nettles or c) a walk over the tender meadow. Our hens amble by when it suits them and the three Rabbit sisters are the top attraction for all guests under 10.

Plus: all the extras that show up without a reservation. The past weeks we were honoured by:

  • A design minded swallow, intrigued by our kitchen wallpaper
  • A nervous little hen, delivering seven chicks in the flower border
  • Two peacocks, growlingly tolerated by Tuk because of size
  • A cocky little tuxedo cat, growlingly tolerated by Tuk
Which swallow is the real one?
  • Seven bonus chickies
    Peer & Joost hart Nettles
    One of the 3 Rabbit Sistas
    Colorful nomads, roaming the 'hood
    Our Joost
    Katertje in smoking. Grommend getolereerd door Tuk.

    Tuk: Master of the Estate.