The Kruiskozijn

Dit boerenloft onder de rieten kap is typisch zeventiende-eeuws. Compleet met ronde sparretjes die het dak ondersteunen, eikenhouten spanten en een origineel kruiskozijn uit de 17e eeuw.

Please don’t run into the rafters; they’ve been there for 400 years and you'll immediately understand why.

Uitgebreid koken in je eigen loft

Farmers loft with private kitchen and bathroom

This ancient loft offers 21st century comfort. Well insulated, both the temperature and the silence in the attic will make sure you’ll feel right at home. The spacious bathroom with toilet and shower looks out on the Vliet canal, the XL bed is for two and then some, the cosy couch & seating area features a swing and a large tv and of course you’ll have superfast wifi. 

Extra room downstairs
Call it a bit over-the-top: this apartment even has its own hall downstairs. For you to use, to store your luggage, swing your coat on the coat rack or just have a relaxed cuppa overlooking the garden en seeing the bikes and boats pass by.

The door to the bathroom consists of the least damaged floorboards we took out. 

Private entry & hall

Canal view both downstairs and upstairs. Looking southward, you'll see the green sedum roof of our pigsty, in spring and summer changing colours every month.