The Kruiskozijn

This loft couldn’t be more 17th century: the little round beams supporting the thatched roof, oak rafters and in the center of it all, the original Kruiskozijn – a type of window that was the direct successor of stained glass. Entering the loft you’ll walk right to it.

Please mind the rafters; they’ve been there for 400 years and once you hit them, you'll immediately understand why.

Farmers loft with private kitchen and bathroom

You'll see a typical cross ('kruis' in Dutch) in the monumental window. Centuries ago the upper half of the window was filled with stained glass. The lower half had no glass and was covered by shutters only. 

Nowadays, this loft for 2 offers 21th century comfort: it is well isolated against cold and heat, features a large bathroom & shower, a complete, modern kitchen, an XL bed (width: 2 meters), a cosy seating area plus: super fast Wi-Fi.
Downstairs there's an extra room looking into the front lawn towards the Vliet canal. A lovely spot to witness the boats passing by.

Please mind the oak beams: they hardly yield. Funky detail: the door to the bathroom consists of the least damaged floorboards we took out. 

De benedenverdieping van het Kruiskozijn met uitzicht op de hortensiatuin
Entree en benedenverdieping van het Kruiskozijn. Koffie met uitzicht op de hortensiatuin.

Canal view both downstairs and upstairs. Looking southward, you'll see the green sedum roof of our pigsty, in spring and summer changing colours every month.

The Kruiskozijn is not suitable for kids, grown-ups only.

Badkamer oude details
De badkamerdeur is gemaakt van de oude vloerdelen van deze zolder. De wastafel van de oude kastanje.